about us

Who we are

Founded in 1989, ALDC began its journey as a graphic design agency with a focus on the wine and spirits industry. Over the years we have expanded our offering to include comprehensive marketing and communication solutions across a wide range of industries.

Today, the company is well established as a leading Level 2 BEE Status strategic marketing consultancy with an expansive network of clients both locally and abroad.

Designing with Purpose

We take a strategic approach to design. More than simply aesthetic, our process includes a thorough understanding of each brand and its unique requirements. This includes an audit of our clients’ portfolios, their strategic positioning and business goals. We use these insights to create sophisticated design solutions tailored to their exact needs.

Other areas of expertise include the development of wine labels, packaging, corporate identities and direct marketing.

Our Clients

From large corporations in Africa, the US, UK and Europe to specialist local brands, our client portfolio is both extensive and diverse. Experience across a broad range of industries has resulted in a versatile skill set that can be tailored to any marketing requirement.

Wine and spirits
We specialise in designing wine labels and product packaging for boutique wine and spirits brands, as well as large corporate producers and estates. Our expertise also extends to brand management in this industry.

We have worked with large retailers and their suppliers to produce design solutions and brand strategies for clothing, cosmetics, toiletries and other FMCG-related industries.

As tourism continues to be a leading industry in South Africa, we have had many opportunities to create effective marketing solutions for numerous renowned game farms, guest houses and hotels.

Our culture

We foster a culture of diversity, talent and creativity. As a level 2 BEE company, ALDC comprises a team of diverse individuals who have been brought together by a shared passion for strategic thinking and design.

We take empowerment to heart, and have been involved in numerous social awareness projects. To date, these have included initiatives with some of South Africa’s top wine estates. Our ongoing ambition is to partner with our clients from various industries for future ventures.

Our social responsibility also includes environmental issues, such as local and international projects aimed at protecting African wildlife and promoting organically certified produce.